Integration with Maximizer allows users to search companies and contacts for the caller's details. When found, the caller's contact details can quickly be shown on the screen.

Watch the video to see this being demonstrated.
Samsung Xchange allows users to integrate with the contact data from Maximizer. When configured, dialling from Maximizer is performed by either using Maximizer's inbuilt TAPI dialling or by adding dial buttons using Samsung Xchange.

When on a call, if the called or calling party's details are in the Maximizer database then this will be detected and a Maximizer button will be shown. When pressed, the associated contact record will appear.

Using the Address Book, the Maximizer contact database will also be searched and the results displayed. Users can then select a contact and access the record or dial directly using the mouse.

Finally, the Call History window includes the contact details from Maximizer and can also be used to show the contact or dial them directly.

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