Android / iOS Feature Comparison

Unified Communicator

Making and receiving calls Android iOS
Dial extension numbers from mobile phone application1
Dial external numbers from mobile phone application Address Book via telephone system1
Fast dial-decreases the connection time of external calls made through the telephone system1
Can set Do Not Disturb - block incoming (twinned call) to mobile phone
Can set call forward of mobile extension3
Can set Do Not Disturb on deskphone
Remotely set call forward of deskphone
Make and receive calls using an IP softphone installed on mobile device2
Review and dial from Call History (through PBX)
Search shared address book and dial from results (using mobile phone application)
Collaboration Android iOS
Group extensions by department
User presence view
Extension presence view
Favourites list
Can update your availability from your mobile device
Can update your absence message from your mobile device
Can see details of a colleague's current call
Provisioning and Security Features Android iOS
Central provisioning through recognition of device
User name and password authentication
SSL Encryption
Other Android iOS
Multi language
Control telephone system deskphone from mobile device4
Short Tap dial options
Long Tap dial option


Many features require WiFi or 3G connectivity from mobile device

  • 1Requires DISA or Auto Attendant configured on the Telephone System
  • 2Features dependent upon IP Softphone
  • 3Requires system to be configured as recommended
  • 4"Make call" only