What is TAPI?

The Xchange TAPI driver provides a first party (single line) or third party (multi line) TAPI driver for use on a Samsung communication system.

What is TAPI?

TAPI is a Microsoft defined API and stands for Telephony Application Program Interface. The Xchange TAPI driver allows a PC to monitor and control extensions on a Samsung communication system while providing a TAPI interface to a TAPI compliant application.

Who Uses TAPI?

TAPI is most frequently used by application developers so that they can build telephony features such as screen popping and click to dial natively into their applications.

Why Use TAPI?

The Xchange product team are very experienced in the provision of TAPI drivers and have worked with a large number of TAPI compliant applications, often assisting application developers with their own implementations. When combined with a proven CTI interface it makes for an effective and reliable product.

Xchange can provide client side (1st party) and server side (3rd party) TAPI drivers.
The driver is available for use with any TAPI compatible application.

A list of previously installed TAPI compatible applications integrations is maintained.
Proprietary APIs are also available. These are designed for use by application developers who want to add CTI to their application but would prefer not to use TAPI.

Integration features are provided by the application not Xchange.

TAPI diagram