These downloads include the latest supported release of the software, presently version 2.6.10, as well as archived releases which are no longer supported and, on occasion, release candidate versions. They contain a full copy of all necessary components and don't require the destination PC to have an internet connection, though it is advantageous for licensing.

Xchange Server
Xchange Client (PC)
Xchange Client (Apple Mac)
Xchange Operator
Xchange Solo Operator
Xchange TAPI Driver

IMPORTANT: To upgrade from an earlier version of Xchange to version 2.4 or later, your installation must be licensed for Software Assurance.

The upgrade will fail if the Xchange installation is not licensed for Software Assurance.

Note: If you are unsure if your installation is licensed for Software Assurance, please contact your Distributor support desk quoting your serial number.