Skype for Business

Skype for Business Integration

Two areas of Skype for Business integration are available through the Samsung Xchange PC client when installed on a PC that is also running the Skype for Business client.

Although most of the call control is still done through the Samsung Xchange client, the Skype for Business user can make calls either from the Samsung Xchange client, or using the "Call using deskphone" option within the Skype for Business client.
If "Update Skype for Business state when on a call" is checked in the Samsung Xchange PC client configuration, the Skype for Business client's status will be automatically set to "in a call" when the handset makes or receives a call, or "do not disturb" when the handset goes to DND.

Xchange Lync setup

Samsung Xchange Client Technical Information

  Samsung Xchange Client
Architecture Samsung Xchange client is installed on the end user PC which makes a connection to the Skype for Business client installed on the same PC. A Samsung Xchange server is required for the Samsung Xchange client to connect to as normal.
Licenses required (for each user who requires the functionality) Any Skype for Business CAL
Any Samsung Xchange PC client e.g. Dial, Presence, Integrator
Skype for Business environments supported Please click here
Call Control
Answer handset From Samsung Xchange Preview (pop-up) window.
Call Forward handset From Samsung Xchange client.
Transfer call From Samsung Xchange client.
Make Call From Skype for Business client or Samsung Xchange client.
Status update
Skype for Business client - "In a call" When Samsung handset makes or receives a call.
Skype for Business client - "Do not disturb" When Samsung handset goes to DND.

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