What is Unified Communicator?

Unified Communicator is an application for your smartphone or tablet that means you don't have to be "out of office" when you're out of the office!

It connects to a Samsung Xchange Server and enables dialling and collaboration features on your mobile device.

Key Dialling Benefits

  • Call colleagues directly in the office even if they do not have a DDI (Direct Dial Inward) number
  • Take advantage of cheaper (or even free of charge) call rates
  • Accessing the application's shared address book allows the mobile user to quickly access and call important external contacts without needing to store each number in the mobile phone contacts list

Key Collaboration Benefits

  • Check status of colleagues before calling them
  • Update colleagues of your availability from your mobile device
  • Remotely set destination of incoming office calls (for example to a home phone). This could be useful if your mobile device is low on power or you want to reduce the cost of the redirected call.

Want to find out more?

Unified Communicator is available for Android and iOS operating systems-click the appropriate button below for full details. You can also view our feature comparison page for a side-by-side comparison.