What's New

Xchange 3.0

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New and improved UI design

Multiple improvements across the board making things quicker and easier than ever before.

Designed for you

The brand new graphical user interface has been designed to reflect feedback from our user community and the latest design trends.

Hover menu

The context menu has been replaced by the hover menu. It appears automatically when the mouse cursor is hovering over certain user interface elements.

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Tray menu redesigned

Major improvements in functionality and efficiency.


Search results are shown with the system tray itself improving efficiency and use of screen space.


The call status for a user/extension is also displayed within the tray menu search results avoiding the need to go to the Presence window to check their status.

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Streamlined Presence window

New user icons, availability settings and improved call control functionality.

User icons

Square user icons are given a unique colour and initials for each user along with their extension status (busy lamp field).


Set DND and Forward states directly from the Presence window

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New Preview window layout

View multiple calls in one window as well as notes and other caller-related information.


Improved larger window layout which will resize according to the amount of content to display.


Calls involving multiple parties use stacked windows with the active call always at the front.


Microsoft Outlook and Xchange Contacts notes are now visible within this window.

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